10 Amazing Health Education Worksheets – Life Skills – Grades 11 & 12

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Life skills - health education worksheets
Health Education – Independent Living for Grade 11 and 12

This article is focused on Health Education – Independent living. They are geared toward 11th and 12th graders. As students reach late high school, it is important that they begin to learn how to live more independently.

After high school many students go to college, join the military, or move out from their family home. All of these things require a level of independence.

As adults, we sometimes think that independent living skills are inherent. In actuality, a lot of these skills need to be explicitly taught.

Curriculum – National Health Education Standards

The National Health Education Standards made by the CDC are designed to promote health-enhancing behaviors of students in grades PK-12.

A lot of the standards in the upper grades are made to help students understand good practices to be healthy, independent adults.

Below are brief descriptions of each worksheet and the associated standard.

These Health education worksheets are perfect for health teachers and any other classroom teacher who teaches independent living and life skills as part of their curriculum.

[Downloads] – Health Education Worksheets

Worksheet #1 – Preventing Health Issues

NHES Standard – 1.12.1

As an independent adult it is important to understand how your actions affect your health. This worksheet focuses on healthy behaviors that can prevent illness and disease. Students will circle healthy habits from a list and then brainstorm some was that they can be healthy at school and home. It also has them think of how they can encourage their family and friends to be healthy. This is a very important skill for these students to have especially if they have grown up in a house where healthy habits are not encouraged.

Worksheet #2 – Peer Influence

NHES Standard – 2.12.3

A part of becoming an independent adult is being able avoid being negatively influenced by peers. This worksheet ask students to evaluate how they would respond in situations where peer pressure was present. The activity help students to think critically about their responses in uncomfortable situations and will help them when they are faced with peer pressure.

Worksheet #3 – Determining Need for Healthcare

NHES Standard – 3.12.4

As a child, parents often decide for children when they need to go to the doctor. A factor of independent living is evaluating a medical situation and understanding if it is necessary to go to the doctor or determining if it can just be taken care of at home. This worksheet has students look at situations and decide if professional medical care is necessary. It also has students create examples of a time when someone should see a doctor, dentist, and eye doctor. The worksheet also includes an extension activity where the student researches their own doctors and writes down the phone numbers so they know how to reach them. As an 11th and 12th grader, students can begin to start being responsible for scheduling their own appointments.

Worksheet #4 – Communicating Effectively

NHES Standard – 4.12.1

Becoming an independent adult means understanding how to communicate with others effectively. This is a necessary skill to have in high school, college, and in future careers. Email is one of the main forms of communication in the present era. This worksheet teaches students about the different parts of an email and then has them practice writing a sample email to a teacher.

Worksheet #5 – Assessing Personal Health

NHES Standard – 6.12.1

Part of living independently is managing a healthy diet. It is easy to eat junk food all day, but it takes a lot of learning to be able to plan out meals in a healthy way. This worksheet has students think about their day and then plan out healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. A research element can be added to this project by having students search for the nutritional information of the foods they are choosing.

Worksheet #6 – How Environment Affects Health

NHES Standard – 1.12.3

As a teen, it can be difficult to understand how the surrounding environment can affect health. Students need to learn how to put themselves in healthy situations and remove themselves from situations that are dangerous for their health. This worksheet gives students different scenarios where the environment is unhealthy. They must figure out what they would do to get out of the harmful situation and into one that is healthier.

Worksheet #7 – Healthy Behaviors Dice Roll

NHES Standard – 7.12.2

Learning is always more fun when it is a game! This activity is the healthy behaviors dice game. Students will roll the dice and based on the number they get, they will have certain conversation with their partner about healthy behaviors. Having these discussions with a peer will help students further develop their independent living skills by getting new ideas from friends.

Worksheet #8 – Independent Living Message

NHES Standard – 8.12.2

This worksheet hits a higher level of Blooms Taxonomy because the students are creating a poster that promotes how to live as a healthy, independent adult. Students will take what they have learned so far and make it into a concise message to put on a poster. This is a great project for students that helps them gather their thoughts and encourage others.

Worksheet #9 – Creating Healthy Goals

NHES Standard – 6.12.3

Goal setting is such an important skill for students to learn. This is a skill that will help them for the rest of their life especially as they transition into the phase of independent living. This activity has students choose health goal for the week such as exercising 30 minutes every day. Then they fill out a chart monitoring their progress each day. At the end of the week there is a reflection piece where the student looks back on their week and how they did with their goal. Reflection is another important, higher level thinking skill that all students should learn.

Worksheet #10 – Resolving Conflicts

NHES Standard – 4.12.3

Resolving conflicts as an independent adult is extremely important. No longer can you depend on your parents or a guidance counselor to help you through your issues. This worksheet has students evaluate various situations where a conflict arises. Students have to write about how they would manage and resolve the conflict in a respectful manner. This activity will help students have an idea of what to do the next time they are in a conflict.

This worksheet series will help 11th and 12th graders learn the skills necessary for independent living. As they head off to college or the workforce, it is important that they have the background knowledge to be able to successfully take care of themselves in a healthy way. The NHES standards help educators stick to a curriculum that is created by the CDC to promote healthy living. As students work through these activities they will start to gain the skills and confidence to become happy, healthy, independent adults.

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