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life skills worksheets free downloads
Life skills worksheets collection.

[Infographic] – The Purpose of Life Skills

There are many different purposes that teaching life skills can serve. The following infographic outlines the goals that life skill work can achieve.

Life Skills Infographic
Infographic – Why do we need Life Skills ?

[Reading] – Why are they Important?

Social skills make up the basic framework to allow students to apply the knowledge that they learn in the classroom and put it into effect in the real world.

They use these skills to solve problems and situations that they come across in day to day life.

These skills teach students how to think in abstract ways to figure out various approaches to problems that they might have some day.

The ability to use practical solutions can be just as valuable in the real world as technical knowledge within a subject. The worksheets here at theworksheets.com provide a great starting point to develop and grow students’ life skills.

Students in your life skills program deserve to have topnotch material, and this comprehensive collection is teeming with transition activities to secure their success.

Take your students through the basics and beyond with the ample array of high interest lessons to enjoy and absorb, such as the Jake and Jackie reading comprehension series, a finance challenge, protecting yourself, readers theater, and finding information.

Theme units, word searches, graphic organizers, maps, puzzles, and book units are just a convenient click away. Treat your students to these essential materials!

Life skills provide children with the tools they will need for development. It teaches students how to make friends, socialize with those friends, think independently, and make choices on their own.

These skills are not something that each child is naturally born with, instead these must be directly taught.

Some of these skills include:

Critical thinking,



Information Literacy, Self reflection, Problem solving, Interpersonal skills.

TheWorksheets provides different resources that can assist with each of these skills. If your kids/students are having trouble with any of these activities, be willing to provide support and know that it is still a learning experience that they can later reflect upon.

Should Social Skills be Taught at a Young Age?

As stated, these social skills are not known from birth. They are taught through experiences, lessons, and conversations. These help kids develop judgement skills to know right from wrong.

It also helps provide them with the skills for stability in their life, overall wellness, and success.

Usually many social/life skills are directly learnt through experience and not via schools or curriculums currently taught in many schools.

How to Promote Life Skills at Young Ages

Parents and lower elementary teachers play an important and active role in the social development of their children and students. Through projects and real world examples, lessons are taught each and every day that will affect their ability to make decisions and solve problems.

Concepts as simple as helping with chores around the house, learning how to budget and spend money at the store, helping a sibling, or caring for a pet all teach lessons.

You can easily create activities at home or in the classroom that have a focus on social skills by allowing for opportunities for your student/child to work in teams to build their social and interpersonal skills.

Theworksheets.com has many resources that can provide valuable learning experiences for younger children. View the linked resources below to help guide your search for developmentally appropriate materials.

Daily Skills

In addition to social skills, it is important that students learn daily skills to help them survive and be successful in the real world. Learning how to brush their own teeth, tie their shoes, get dressed, or do the laundry will help them be more successful. The following are important skills that each child know in case of an emergency:

  • How to get to and from home and school
  • Who to call in an emergency and their number
  • How to safely cross the street
  • What to do if they are bullied or see others being bullied
  • How to safely use kitchen appliances and prepare basic food

There are many worksheets on theworksheets.com that outline various senarious. Practicing these situations on paper is much more safe than making a poor decision in a possibly unsafe/emergency situation.

It gives the students time to think and process the steps that they should take so that they know how to react in the real world if faced with one of these problems.

How Books Play a Role

There are many books that can help students grow their life skills. Books help build students’ vocabulary which can help them learn to communicate in real life situations. The more that students understand how to use language, the more they will be able to advocate for their needs.

These skills also help aid their creative thinking.  Many books also have lessons embedded in the storyline that can teach empathy, self-regulation, and differing perspectives/situations than ones that they have personally faced. This deeper understanding will help them grow as individuals. 

There are many short stories/scenarios that can be found on theworksheets.com. These resources can also help build the same skills that books can. 

[Downloads] – Life Skills Worksheets – Premium Collection ( NHES standards )

The below worksheets are premium teacher created collections, feel free to print and use them. They are aligned to certain curriculums as mentioned.

If you do like them, please bookmark, share and let your friends know about us. We are working on some professional worksheets as well ( in color and minimum 10 pages per worksheet ).

[PDF Downloads] – Life Skills Worksheets

[Books] – Life Skills Workbooks – Multiple pages !

[PDF Downloads] – Social Skills Worksheets – PDF Downloads

Life skills and Social skills

We cover more related to this topic in Life Skills Worksheets – Part 2

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