Counting Money Worksheets

August 28, 2021 by admin

counting money worksheets

As an adult, there are very few things more exciting than counting money (especially when it is yours). Handling finances will mostly be alien to kids even though it is a necessary social skill. Hence we have brought out these Counting Money Worksheets so that your kid can take the first step towards financial literacy.

Parents and teachers can assist children to become financially literate in multiple ways. Imparting financial knowledge to children will keep them informed about the financial choices so as to enable them to effectively plan their financial future.

Undeniably, finance-related social skills will help to develop good economic understanding in kids.

Parents can expose their children to real money, and provide them with direction and guidance to make smart financial decisions right from childhood.  

Similarly, the schools can introduce financial literacy to children as an inevitable social skill to prepare them for adulthood.

To supplement the parent’s and teacher’s attempt, there are many digital learning tools/courses available online and offline. This also supports home education and the curriculum is simple and engaging. Worksheets are the most basic ones amongst them.

PFB some of the worksheets specially curated to help you start your kid’s journey on Financial Literacy.

The financial literacy, besides dealing with handling money also comprises of educating your kids about organizational skills, technology related to finance, and attention to details, learning global economics, and consumer rights.

This detailed knowledge can make a kid become highly skillful handling money and wealth in a perfect way.

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