Give your kids a peek into the ‘Real world’

June 15, 2018 by admin

Hey there, Super Moms Dads and Teachers!

Hope you are having the time of your lives with your little ones. Hope you are cherishing what little time you have with them. Trust me, they all grow up and fly away, sooner than later!!

You must be busy equipping them for school with all the worksheets we have meticulously sourced for you. Make them thorough in their Sciences and math and let them out into the real world. Make them recite a poem or two. Good grades and great colleges ahead!!

The schools are little laboratories where our little ones can try out their jigs and their take at ‘real life’. They can find their passions and pastimes. Differentiate friends and foes. Understand Algebra and Geography. We have of-course sent them to the best schools! But are we doing enough?

We equip our kids with all of science, social, math and languages. All the facts and figures of all that’s known to mankind.. But do we provide enough importance to the concept of communication? Do we share our stories and lend an ear to theirs? Or do we present easy solutions to the problems we think they might be facing when they open up to us. “You just need to try harder, Son”, “Maybe you should spend less time on Facebook and more time on real-books?”.. Let’s take a reality check at the conversations around home.

Here is a typical scenario: Son comes home from school and crashes in front of TV. Daughter is in her room probably on “Insta” and probably updating her FB status to ‘Feeling bored’. Mom comes home from work and whips up a quick dinner. Dad is home just before the dinner table is set. The conversation, if any barely revolves around the generic topics – the potluck at work, the game at school, the crazy old guy by the corner.

What do we teach kids at home? Do we tell them real stories of a hard day at work? How demanding the deadlines are? Do we tell them that the Boss is crazier than the craziest teacher at school? Do we tell them we might not be able to afford a bike upgrade this year since we are saving up for his college? Do we ever talk about ‘real’ issues and share stories of how we solve them? Do we really let them into our lives?

Maybe it is time to stop insulating kids from “adult problems”. Maybe it is time to ease them into your lives slowly so that they catch a glimpse of what the real world has in offer for them. Studies show that kids who are really engaged at home do better at school and life in general. It enables them to look out for solutions beyond their textbooks and conversations with peers. It gives them stories to tell and memories to bank upon.( Interesting read: When everyone’s a high achiever, the ones who stand apart are the ones who had unique and compelling stories to tell. Link here).

Start with your stories. Start with your boring-everyday life stuff. Spice it up with gossips worth sharing. Have a laugh at stupid mistakes and judgment calls. Show them how much you are like them. Show them it is okay to make mistakes, but important to learn from them. Fight some battles, win some, lose some and then win some more.. Life goes on.

Tell them it is okay to have insecurities and fears and that it’s just being human. It helps them to trust you and include you in their lives. And that will be the beginning of an amazing childhood filled with learning and fun! And they’ll all treasure your nourishing Dinner – of the brawns, brains and the guts!!

And all it takes is a dinner table conversation to start with 🙂

What are your favorite Dinner time stories? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


Peace and Love,


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Give your kids a peek into the ‘Real world’ Hey there, Super Moms Dads and Teachers! Hope you are having the time of your lives with your little ones....