4 ways to Fun-up your kids this Summer

June 29, 2018 by admin

Well it’s the time of the year where kids are either sent off to Summer camps(sigh of relief!) or they go crazy bored at home. Bless the ones whose parents could afford summer camps. Do your kids at home drive you insane with their inability to take their faces off LED screens (read TV/computer/tablets/smartphones)? Wouldn’t you love to see them soak in some sun or read something fun? You know, just maybe act like kids rather than zombies?

Dont you want to see them getting them healthy, happy and wise this Summer without YOU getting broke in the process?

Check out Four easy ways to keep them rolling this Summer!


  1. Get-Fit Summer

It’s impossible to find excuses to stay indoors all the time in summer! Just look outside at all the green glory. Why not walk, or bike, or swim, or run, or birdwatch or even barbecue? Anything is better than being stuck to the couch and glued to the screens! Well, that’s all we do 10 months an year! Why don’t we do something different while the sun shines? Encourage your kid to take the bike out or at-least take a stroll! You can be their partner too. Either ways, getting them out of that couch is taking them one step closer to staying healthy.

Let them ponder over some of our fitness worksheets! Print ‘em out for your kids. Apps are too distracting!

  1. Get a Hobby

Forget New year resolutions. Nothing like picking up a hobby over the summer for the kids. Be it reading, coloring or doing puzzles. Maybe football, volleyball, ballet or playing the Piano. Getting fit is also classified as hobby these days. Some folks see it as a life requirement though (duh!). You’ll find plenty of worksheets to suit your whims and fancies here though.

  1. Get cooking (food)

May we suggest a hobby? Introduce your kid to the world of cooking! (We are scared to say cooking these days. People tend to forget the fact that cooking was initially intended for food.) Well, pun apart. Get your kids interested in the food they eat. Invite them into the kitchen and teach them easy recipes. Or learn recipes together! The social skills, team skills and life skills that your kids get out of a cooking exercise are just side effects. Kids appreciate food at the table more when they work with food in the kitchen. They might even think you are a fun parent. Check out Anna’s blog here.

Here are the worksheets to help you along the way.

  • Kitchen Measurements Worksheet
  • Get nerdy with these Kitchen Math Worksheet. Start from kitchen budgeting, shopping to learning to count your calorie intake.
  • Be safe though – kitchen safety Worksheet

4. Take ’em out

Well, we promised only the inexpensive ways of having fun. So, we only suggest that you take your kids out to see the nature. Nature is out there. Anywhere. Everywhere! Visit the local state parks. Spend some time on that beach. Holidays are not about spending big bucks. It’s about getting together, breaking the routine, bringing out the crazy and making memories in the process. Invite families/friends who also have kids. 3 birds in a shot. (1)Get the kids out of your hair while you (2)gossip and sip, also (3)get material for the kid’s summer assignment in the process! Well, bask in that sun and don’t think of the school yet. But when you do, we are here to the rescue!

While summer is the time to chill, it is also the time to usher in some sunshine to your kids lives. Some kids learn more over summer than during an year at school. They’re just interested in life in general and not academics in particular. Encourage them to follow their passion this summer. Here is wishing you the most amazing sun-time this summer!

-Laughter & Sunshine


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