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5 Ways to Fun Parenting

Have you noticed that fun people do not usually end up being fun parents? Remember fun-Bobby? Most of the grown-up’s fun element is directly proportional to the quantity of alcohol (or other nerve-loosening agents) in their bloodstream at any given point of time! Sad truth. And trust me when I say that, playing adult to […]

10 Free Mathematics Worksheets – Thrilling Collection

Mathematics Worksheets Expert Created/Curated Mathematics Worksheets, covering addition, multiplication, subtraction, simplifying and solving equations and word problems !

10 Perfect Social Skills Worksheets – Free Download

Social skills worksheets – Free download,

9 Best Life Skills Worksheets – Grades 6-8

Life skills can seem like a broad topic but the National Health Education Standards (NHES) helps educators narrow down and understand what needs to be taught. The NHES focuses on what students should know by second, fifth, eighth and twelfth grades in order to be healthy physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. The skills taught by […]

20 Life Skills Worksheets for Grades 3-4

Life skills including self esteem, decision making, smoking, advertising, communication and social skills are covered as part of this worksheet collection. Life Skills comprise of skills that are necessary or desirable for participation in everyday life in society. Learning how to anticipate various scenarios in life equips them with the tools on how to effectively […]

Financial Literacy for Students

Financial Literacy for Students is often not given due importance. Financial literacy brings together multiple areas related to managing an individual’s personal finance, investing or handling money efficiently. Becoming financially literate is all about understanding how money works over time and ascertaining expenses over a period of time. Financial Literacy for students is about how […]

Social Interactions and Social Skills

Social interactions help develop Social skills. Period. That was easy. The pressing question now is whether social-media interaction would help develop social skills. Give it a moment for the question to sink in. Seems logical enough. Now, can you answer it with a Yes or No? Not so easy, is it? In this article let […]

Why Social Skills Matter?

What are your basic necessities in life? Food? Water? Internet? Did your list have any of the subjects taught in school? Did getting straight As make you better off with basic necessities in life? Ohh I doubt. Whatever goes into that list, there is a high probability that 80% of getting all those stuff required […]

#FreeToolTips – 5 Free Sticky Note Tools

Ho-ho-ho!! It is Holiday Season!! And Holiday season is the only time of the year when we enthusiastically go through any kind of “lists”.. Christmas shopping lists, Christmas gifts list, List of folks attending the party. Previous New year Resolution List before the year gets over and so on! And what comes to yout mid […]

#FreeToolTips – 5 Free Tools for Digital Storytelling

You know what differentiates us humans from other animals on this big blue planet? Of-course you know. Our spine. Naa.. thumb? I got it.. brains! Well, well, all of it and a bit more. All vertebrates have spine! Apes have thumb! I’ve heard that Dolphins are smarter in the brains category!? Scientists say that even […]