Doodling to the rescue

July 26, 2018 by admin

Remember those times as a kid when you’d sit to study, read something and completely forget what you read a minute later? Well, its a common issue and most probably your kid suffers from it too. Remember those times where you’d zone out and doodle on the margins of a page you’re working on?

Remember when the doodling became so intense that it became comparable to the works of Picasso? Well, that’s another common issue and most probably your kid suffers from it too! Now let’s combine them and see some magic!

You forget what you read+you are interested in doodling = you are not interested at the subject on hand + you are interested in doodling. This brings us to the subject of the day. Doodling to the rescue!

Scientists have proved through multiple studies that we find it easier to retain visual images than written words. Images prompt you to even retain words around them or proceedings connected to it.

Don’t you remember instances where you’d remember that lesson in algebra just because your friend drew a really funny doodle of your angry-teacher on the margin? This is where we understand the potential of a doodle.

Doodling can be even more helpful if the kid understands the concept/story being discussed in the chapter and then doodles his version/interpretation of it. Encourage your kid to engage with the topic at hand and doodle their thought by the side of the margin.

I did a thorough googling research on this and found a very promising research. In 2009, Jackie Andrade, a psychology professor at the University of Plymouth in England, designed a psychological experiment to determine whether doodling actually benefits attention and memory.

In the study, an experimental group was instructed to make marks on paper while listening for information in a “mundane” phone message. The control group listened to the same message without doodling. The group instructed to doodle remembered 29% more information than did the control group.

There has been multiple studies ever since on varied groups and it is worth noting that not all the research done on doodling suggests a positive effect.

Invariably it was observed that doodling helps concentration, inspires creativity, improves retention, and supports visual thinkers.

In short, doodling has myriad benefits for the brain which aids in the learning process for students. Clearly, the days of doodling as a pointless exercise are over. Gently coax your kid to doodle with purpose!

This summer enhance your kid’s creativity and set him up for an year ahead of learning!

Check out this pinterest page of doodle ideas! Doodle-awayy!

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